The Workbook is easy to follow and explains all the essential payroll features of Xero for you in simple, digestible plain English!

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If you can not attend one of our courses, then purchase our Xero Payroll Workbook designed teach Brisbane Business Owners to easily:

  • Reconcile Wages and Super Correctly & Quickly
  • Manage Statutory Leave Allowances
  • Insurance Premiums – (ensure the correct employer premiums are taken out)
  • Understand any Tax Exemptions – (these may apply to certain pay components)
  • Benefit Plans – (ensure that your employees are offered the benefits for which they are eligible, when they are eligible)
  • Statutory Holidays and Holiday Accrual
  • New Employees, Redundancies, or Dismissals
  • Any Employee Expenses – (some governments need these to be taken into account as taxable benefits)
  • Meet important deadlines – (tax payments and reporting to the appropriate government authority is important to get right)

The amount of employees that have filed complaints due to incorrect payroll practices has sky-rocketed to over 56% in 2019

We make sure you & your business aren’t one of the statistics!

Finances & Payroll is always difficult for small businesses to get perfect & wrap their head around most of the time..